Friday, November 10, 2006

Steroids and your Weight... Holidays Ahead!

We need steroids inorder to survive: that's it, no options. And while there are many who do not have a weight issue, many of us do. Steroids affect our metabolism of fats, proteins and carbs...in other words , everything we eat. Addison's patients need to consume more protein and veggies...less high glycemic carbs. But please be careful of a high protein diet as it can play havoc with out electrolyes. Actually, it's best to eat a well balanced diet, including leans meats, healthy fats ( nuts, olive oil ) good carbs ( whole grains, veggies, fruits) and get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. In other words, eat well, be as active as possible, drink water , get sufficient sleep... adopt a healthy lifestyle just as the normal population is being urged to do. But as it may be harder for us to be active and as we don't always feel like eating well, we have a harder time keeping weight off and we are on steroids...it's a fact of life we must live with...it's just harder to stay slim when on steroids.

As we get ready for the holiday season, enjoy the time with family and friends, but do things that will help you resist those tempting desserts and treats. Eat before going to a party where you know you'll be tempted to eat that chocolate cookie or piece of cake...then if you feel that you just have to have it, eat a smaller piece. But don't beat yourself up if you succumb to that butter-laden treat...just eat less the next day. And lean turkey is good for you! So eat extra turkey and less stuffing or potatoes and skip the gravy. As it is a time to celebrate family and friends being together don't miss out on everything if you want something special , enjoy it and don't feel guilty about having a few extra calories...it isn't something you'll be doing every day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all...