Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Your Emergency Injection

Everyone with Adrenal Insufficiency should have and be familiar with using an emergency injection of steroid. The steroid of choice is Solu-Cortef, act-o-vial, but Solu-Medrol is also available in an act-o-vial. Dexamethasone is another choice but it is the longest acting of the glucocorticosteroids.

It is important that you have this injection with you or nearby at all times. Included in your emergency kit (needle, alcohol swabs, injectable of choice) should be a sheet detailing how an Addisonian Crisis is treated.

I am enclosing links with instruction for injecting your steroid and an emergency care sheet you may print out to include with your kit.




Please ask for an emergency injectable if you do not have one...it can save your life. Here is a link listing injectable steroids available by prescription from your doctor.

Keep well...

Special note: If you are having trouble getting Solu-Cortef Act-o-Vial or are being told it is no longer available, ask your pharmacist to look for the preservative free injectable. NDC: 00009-0011-03 ( the 100 mg. strength). It has a different NDC number than the one many of us are familiar with carrying. 2-17-11


Blogger Mo said...

Hi Jo!!

I always have my erergebcy kit with me, my family is trained to ask me if I have it when we go out. I've never had to use it outside the house, but I have used it many times at home: when I had stomach virus, when I had food poisoning, and a few times before going to the ER. I wouldn't be without it! Everyone needs it, you never know what's going to happen.

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