Saturday, August 04, 2007

Carefully considering what you read...

Being out and around the internet, I've come to appreciate the good information we are sharing with one another and how vast an amount there is available, from many varied sources. It is just this fact that must give us pause...not everything we read or are told is to be embraced as fact. We must take the information and research it, if possible, and most importantly, take it to our doctor for his opinion, before acting on it. I have seen, too often , those without a medical background offering medical advice and this is just not the purpose of forums like ours...some of it is just plain dangerous and can cause harm to the sick and frightened patient seeking help...many times already in a confused and overwhelmed state of mind. We are not here to practice medicine. Please learn from our shared experiences, but never use them to replace sound medical advise.


Blogger Lana C. said...

This is so true, but your entries are awesome in that they offer links and thoughtful personal advice. Blogs are a great source for sharing, especially with rare diseases, such as Addison's. Since this disease is so unique for each patient, it is important to stay in communications with other REAL patients, such as yourself. I love your entries; you taking time to share your personal experiences and hard-earned knowledge is very appreciated. Lana C.

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