Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Message from Addisons Village Forum

Do you feel that there is no point to the problems you experience due to this disease? That they don't bring any good to anyone? But they do when others see the courage with which you live with your disease, the hope you give them that they can make it as well.
I hope that this forum is helping others to learn to live with their disease and improving their quality of life...if we never meet face to face I feel that you and I have reached out to one another and touched one another's life and are the better for it. My hope for the future is that we each grow in strength and ablilty to handle this disease and not let it control us! But manage it, live with it, not let it define who we are, what we are. We can and will succeed! Share the knowledge you've gained through living with a chronic disease with others who need encouragement...that's what it's all about! Your care for others will not return to you void.
Be assured we do touch others with our lives...the things we do and say, the way we give of ourselves to others, whether they give in return or it is simply accepted, it must be given freely, without condition. We should strive to make the lives of others better for having been touched by ours...
I ,sincerely, hope this is what is being accomplished when we and others visit and contribute to this forum...I rely on you all and I appreciate you very much...thank you!
I wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!