Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Preparing for Summer's heat...

As the temperatures climb we will be faced with the need to keep well hydrated. As an Addisonisn keeping plenty of water on board along with sufficient salt are a must. Some prefer sports drinks, especially, as they are being more active.

I am including a link to the NADF's site discussing hydration:


Drink up! it's part of managing your disease...and keep plenty of salty snacks at hand, preferably, low calorie ones!

This is for Rosemary:

It is very difficult to find low calorie salty snacks. I, too, love potato chips (crisps) and they do really pack on the weight! Some good alternatives are fresh veggies like cucumbers, celery, radishes, even fruit, with added salt. Pickles can be a nice salt fix that has few calories. I use salt tablets to help supply my salt needs. Your favorite popcorn that is popped low fat is a great salty snack.

Hope this has given you some ideas! Be creative and look for things you like that are salty or can have salt added! We need our salt!