Saturday, March 19, 2011

Voluntary Recall of Dexamethasone Vials & New NDC Number for Solu-Cortef Act-o-Vial

There has been a voluntary recall of Dexamethasone injection ( vials), both single and multiple dose. This is sometimes used to treat an Adrenal Insufficiency/Addison's crisis. I am enclosing the link to the FDA/ Recall-Firm Press Release, dated Mar. 16, 2011. Please read for further explanation of recall.

Please read if you use dexamethasone as your emergency injectable.

Solu-Cortef Act-O-Vial Preservative Free!

Pfizer is now only producing Solu-Cortef Act-O-Vial preservative free. The new NDC number is 00009-0011-03 for the 100 mg. vial. This is the recommended dose for an adult during an adrenal crisis. If you are being told that the act-o-vial is no longer available, please ask the pharmacy to look for the above NDC number.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Addison's Disease and other illnesses

There seems to be enough on our plates when we have Addison's Disease alone...but other illnesses do occur and many are chronic. What impact does this have on your Addison's? or the other illness? It most definitely complicates all. It will many times mean a need for more steroid support for the Addison's. A crisis may be more likely. When a flare of a chronic illness occurs it will affect your Addison's, meaning you may need more steroid just to maintain your normal level of activity or stability. Anything that causes a stress will deplete your steroid and threaten a crisis. And another illness is a stress. Please keep this in mind and do not hesitate to increase your steroid when necessary. But always consult your medical advisor for their recommendations on how best to treat your Addison's and keep all medical professionals involved in your treatment aware of what each is prescribing or doing to control or treat your illnesses.

Do not feel that you are being fragile or, dare I say, a wimp if you are having a difficult time managing your illnesses. You are stronger than you think!

Enjoy your spring...and take care of you! Without guilt!