Thursday, March 01, 2012

Being positive...

Even though you have been diagnosed with Addison's Disease or Adrenal Insufficiency it is very important to stay positive. I am not by nature an upbeat, positive person...but it is much better for me to not dwell on how sick I feel or am or that I have an incurable disorder. Addison's is a very treatable disorder. We can live a fairly normal life through taking care to take our replacement steroids properly and learning to stress dose when needed. It is essential that we keep our electrolytes in balance while drinking enough water to stay well hydrated. A well balanced diet, with lean proteins and fruits and vegetables helps keep our weight down. Keeping active if at all possible is good. Enjoy hobbies and interests that keep you upbeat. Just don't make Addison's the thing that controls your life anymore than it must.

Do not let your illness define who you are...you are the same person you were before Addison's. Don't let it control you, you control it! Be happy and healthy, everyone!