Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taking it one day at a time

Most patients with Addison's Disease have a limited level of energy. This varies from patient to patient, with some having only minimal limitations and others who struggle daily just to accomplish the ordinary, every day tasks. The key is to not over-reach your strength or energy level. You can do this by deciding the most needed tasks or the less stressful, or demanding ones, if you are feeling your limitations that day. Never hesitate to rest when needed or take extra steroid if you have over-reached or say you absolutely have to do something very demanding, such as traveling or caring for a spouse or child who is ill or injured. Life goes on even though we have Addison's or another chronic illness, so we need to learn our limits, and live with those in mind.

Don't feel guilty if you can't come up to the standards set by others for you! You set your standards! Only you know how you feel! Learn to say no when it's necessary, and do not let anyone make you feel guilty for doing so!

It is also essential that you care for your Addison's with adequate steroid cover, sufficient salt and fluids for the day...sometimes this requires lots of planning and invention! But you can do it! My water bottle and I are rarely separated for long! I carry extra steroid and medicines that just might be necessary to prevent a crisis...and never be without your emergency injection.

Remember you are a useful human being who just happens to have Addison's Disease.


Blogger Lana C. said...

Excellent. I am reading and re-reading your material --- everything is so helpful. If anyone is dealing with Addison's or Adrenal Insufficiency, each of these posts are important to self-educate as fully as possible.

Keep up the great work - we appreciate it!! Lana C.

3:19 PM  

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